How to Remove Air Roots From Philodendrons?

Answer In their native habitats, large philodendrons climb high up into the tree canopies dozens of feet from the ground. To help them cling to trees and get the water they need, they have developed long,... Read More »

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How to Remove Split Leaf Philodendrons?

Split-leaf philodendrons (Monstera deliciosa) occur naturally in the shaded understory of the tropical jungles across Central America. Although primarily grown as a houseplant, split-leaf philodend... Read More »

How to Remove Boston Ivy Roots From Block Walls?

Boston Ivy, which is also called Parthenocissus tricuspidata, is a particularly invasive form of Ivy that can attach itself to almost any vertical surface. The ivy secures itself by growing roots a... Read More »

How to Remove Hair Roots?

Nothing feels better than a fresh dye-job. You're proud to strut around town with your new color: you feel self-confident and more attractive than ever. Yet, four to five weeks later, your old colo... Read More »

How do I remove shrub roots?

Cutting the ShrubRemove as many branches as you can with a saw or pruning shears. Do not remove the entire trunk, but leave a good-size stump and some of the lowest branches. You will use the lower... Read More »