How to Remove Adhesive From Auto Paint?

Answer Adhesive on the finish of your car left over from stickers, removed or lost trim, or even an accident can be difficult to remove cleanly without damaging the paint. All it takes is a little time an... Read More »

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How to Remove Adhesive Stickers From Car Paint?

If you ever put stickers on your car, chances are you need to remove them at some time. That honor student sticker may no longer be valid and even though you'll always love your Dachshund, he won't... Read More »

How do you remove excess ceramic tile adhesive from tiles which were installed three days ago if you used too much adhesive?

Answer If the "adhesive" you are referring to is tile grout, use a mild acid cleaner. Rinse with water thoroughly both before and after use, but most of all, follow the cleaning instructions care... Read More »

How to Remove Pitch From Auto Paint?

Very few things can be as frustrating to an automobile owner as discovering that pine tar, also known as pitch, has become adhered to his vehicle. It is important to remove the sticky substance fr... Read More »

How to Remove Bugs From Auto Paint?

Dead bugs sticking to the front of your car can be a big problem, especially in the South where "love bugs" can create quite a mess during just a short trip to the grocery store. Removing the bugs... Read More »