How to Remove Acrylic Fingernails at Home?

Answer Acrylic nails look good, but eventually you have to take them off, and that's where the trouble starts. If you don't proceed carefully you can cause yourself unnecessary pain. You can go to the sal... Read More »

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How to Remove Acrylic Fingernails?

Acrylic nails are nice, but they are a pain to maintain. The wearer also has to worry about a nail infection developing underneath the acrylic. Even if you plan on keeping your acrylics all of the ... Read More »

How to Remove UV Acrylic Gel From Fingernails?

UV acrylic gel is a type of artificial nail enhancement applied to fingernails to make them longer, thicker, stronger and polished. Gel nails are generally applied by a nail technician in a salon. ... Read More »

How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home Easily?

Acrylic nails are best removed by a professional nail technician, but if you need to remove yours and can't make it to the salon, you can remove them at home if you're willing to take your time and... Read More »

How to Make Acrylic or Glue-on Nails Damage Your Fingernails Less?

Acrylic or glue-on nails will provide any woman with temporary, enviable nails. The nails are applied at home or the salon and generally last three to four weeks with proper care. Unfortunately, im... Read More »