How to Remove 3M Film?

Answer 3M manufactures a line of window films for residential, commercial and automotive use. The films adhere to glass in order to provide UV protection as well as shield direct sunlight. The films come ... Read More »

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How do i remove film manually from a pentax slr 35 mm, without ruining the film which did not rewind?

There is always a override rewind button on automatic cameras. Check again, because you have apparently missed it. It is often a recessed button that is placed where you cannot accidentally press... Read More »

How to Remove a Film from Glasses?

Sometimes glasses emerge from the dishwasher with a film on them that many people consider unsightly. There are two main reasons that films form on dishes. The most frequent cause is water hardness... Read More »

How to Remove the Film from Headlights?

A headlight lens can develop a film that causes it to appear yellow or cloudy. The quality of light emitted by your headlights will be diminished, meaning it will be harder for you to see at night ... Read More »

How to Remove Film From Car Windows?

Many car windows have a layer of film along the inner side, mainly to protect the interior from the sun's rays. If you ever need to change the film due to cracking, peeling or the desire to use a d... Read More »