How to Remedy Moss on the Roof?

Answer Roof moss is unsightly and may eventually eat away at the integrity of your roof. Moss grows in moist, shady places on the roof. If parts of your roof are hidden from the sun, it is not uncommon fo... Read More »

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What does it mean when you have moss on your roof?

When you have moss on your roof, it means your roof has an excessive amount of moisture. Moss grows in acidic environments in which there is an abundance of moisture and shade. If your roof has mos... Read More »

What do you call moss on a roof?

The moss typically found on a roof consists of tiny plants called Bryophytes. These green, yellow or brown plants can grow in moist areas such as rocks, driveways or on your roof. Moss can be kille... Read More »

How to Stop Moss on a Roof?

Moss grows in shaded, damp areas and needs only a small amount of sunlight in order to reproduce. While the appearance of moss may seem merely to be a cosmetic issue, it can also be damaging. When ... Read More »

How do I kill roof moss?

Use Moss-Killing AgentApply either a soap-based or oxygen bleach-based cleaning agent to the affected areas of the roof, using a brush, sprayer or mop. Do not use chlorine bleach, as it may change... Read More »