How to Reload a Savage 12 .308 Winchester?

Answer The Savage Arms Model 12 Target Rifle is one of the foremost machine-made target rifles available on the market. The Savage Arms website describes it as "setting the bar" for machine-manufactured r... Read More »

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What radio stations carry Michael Savage show entitled The Savage Nation?

One radio station who features Michael Savage's Savage Nation is Newsradio 910.[]

How old is Ben Savage?

Ben Savage is 30 years old (birthdate: September 13, 1980).

How to Use a 30-30 in a Savage 303 Gun?

The .303 Savage cartridge was originally designed in 1894 by Savage Arms, intended as the primary cartridge in the Savage 99 lever-action rifle. Winchester's Model 1894 was the most popular lever-a... Read More »

How to Reload a MEC 600 Jr.?

Some firearms enthusiasts and hunters who shoot frequently reload their ammunition. They reload by re-using a shell casing and installing a new primer, powder and projectile. Done on a unique press... Read More »