How to Relieve Eye Strain?

Answer Eyestrain symptoms can be a headache or itchy or tired eyes. These symptoms never are felt when you awake in the morning, but occur during the day when you read too much, focus on the computer or o... Read More »

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How to Relieve Eye Strain With Reflexology?

Reflexology has been shown to have a dramatic effect on reducing headaches, which are often caused by eye strain. In fact, most non-migraine headaches are due to either stress or eye strain and are... Read More »

What's your fav strain?

CRT Monitors & Eye Strain?

At least 50 percent of people who use a computer experience eyestrain, claims Dr. Marc Grossman of Visionworks USA. CRT monitors put people at a heightened risk for eyestrain, and even though eyest... Read More »

Is this muscle strain?

i don't think it can be cured in one day but i suggest resting it could be muscle strain