How to Release a Frozen Emergency Brake?

Answer A vehicle's emergency or parking brake can usually be found to the right of the driver's seat near the floor. If the brake becomes frozen, the vehicle will be difficult to move. Unlike the hydrauli... Read More »

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How Do I Release a Frozen Parking Brake?

The parking brake is the lever inside your car found near the foot pedals or gear shift. The brake attaches to a cable under your car; when you engage the lever, you activate the cable and prevent ... Read More »

Where is the emergency trunk release in a Chrysler 300?

The Chrysler 300's emergency trunk release is on the inside-roof of the 300's trunk. This emergency release allows a trapped occupant to open the trunk lid in the event of an emergency. The release... Read More »

How to Repair an Emergency Brake on a Disc Brake?

The parking brake is an important component of the vehicle even though many people don't utilize them. The parking brake, or hand brake, can prevent the car from rolling while in "Park," and can be... Read More »

How to Use the Emergency Brake?

The emergency brake is also called the parking brake, and is commonly used for added security when parking on inclines. It works on a different system than the driving brakes, which rely on power f... Read More »