How to Relay the History of the Conflict Between the Britons and the Saxons?

Answer When the Romans began to leave Britain in 400 A.D., neighboring tribes that had previously been driven back by the Roman army began immigrating to the British Isles en masse. The Germanic people of... Read More »

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Lessons on Conflict in Canadian History?

Canada's history of military conflict began in the 11th century and continues today in various forms. As such, many examples can be cultivated to represent various themes of conflict that can be ta... Read More »

Conflict and Compromise History Topics?

History, like all human processes, includes both conflict and compromise. When studying the particulars of a historical moment, it's often helpful to consider the way that both conflict and comprom... Read More »

Conflict between two preschool teachers?

Hello!Conflict resolution is a power skill to develop at any age. There may be reasons for their tension that can serve them well in team building. When I worked in childcare I had two staff membe... Read More »

Workplace Conflict Between Coworkers?

At some point, just about every workplace will experience conflict between coworkers. Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing, however. Conflict arises when issues in the workplace must be addresse... Read More »