How to Reject a Person Nicely?

Answer You will not be interested in everyone that expresses a romantic interest in you. Therefore, you should think of ways to let someone down kindly. Yes, you can pretend that you don't speak the same ... Read More »

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How to Reject Someone Nicely?

Rejecting someone's romantic advances is never fun or easy, but it's sometimes unavoidable and necessary. Here are some tips for making the process a little less stressful.

How to Reject a Person Without Hurting Their Feelings?

Everyone has crushes. It's the way of life. But sometimes if you don't like somebody, you can say it in a more nice tone than just saying, "No. I don't want to date you."

How to Say No Nicely?

Sometimes we have to stand firm in our stance and just say no to someone who may be urging you to say yes. Whether its a used car salesman, an overbearing boyfriend, or someone who offers you a lin... Read More »

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