How to Reinstall Regedit?

Answer Every time you install a program or device on your computer, the registry edit, also known as regedit, automatically keeps track of those changes and records the settings you choose for that progra... Read More »

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I Can't Run Regedit?

If you are unable to open the Registry Editor on Windows, your system administrator has enabled a policy that is preventing you from launching the regedit program. You can change these settings as ... Read More »

How to Use Regedit?

If you use Microsoft Windows, your operating system stores all of its configuration settings in a large database called the "registry." Even if you don't know what the registry is, the programs you... Read More »

'regedit' command?

The 'regedit' command allows you to open the registry and make a backup. From that point, you can edit some entries when you have certain issues with the operating system.

What's the meaning of regedit?

Regedit, short for "Registry Editor", is the module in the Windows OS that allows you to access all registries Windows uses in order to know how to interact with certain parts of the OS or programs... Read More »