How to Reinstall Firefox 3 With Chrome?

Answer Both the Firefox and Chrome Web browsers are highly customizable with add-ons, extensions and themes. Because both browsers share so many high points, it is difficult to choose which is the better ... Read More »

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Chrome Registration Problems with Mozilla Firefox!?

Yeah, the same exact thing is happening to me. I definitely don't understand it. Firefox still works, but it's definitely annoying to have to click 'okay' three times every time I want to use the i... Read More »

How Can I Reinstall the Firefox Toolbar?

Firefox comes preinstalled with a few basic toolbars that offer different tools for browsing the Web and saving bookmarks. If one of your toolbars has disappeared, there's no need to reinstall it. ... Read More »

How to Reinstall Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free Internet browser made by Google. It can be used on computers running the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. If you are having problems with Google Chrome (slow connec... Read More »

Google chrome vs firefox?

I will always like Firefox for the extensions and the control I have over my browser. Chrome is better for Java, but I don't usually go to a lot of pages that have Java and my internet has Fios spe... Read More »