How to Register a New Phone?

Answer Once you receive your new phone, you will have to register the device first before use. Registering your phone will program the device on your wireless carrier's network. Many devices arrive unregi... Read More »

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How to Register Your Phone Online?

Registering your cell phone online enables you to take advantage of the online features that most wireless companies offer. After registration, you can access online features such as sending text m... Read More »

How to Register an AT&T Wireless Phone?

AT&T is one of the United States' largest cell phone service providers. If you've chosen to use an AT&T wireless plan, the company allows you to register your phone and AT&T wireless number on thei... Read More »

How to Register a SIM Card for a Cingular Pay as You Go Phone?

You can still buy Cingular products from places such as eBay and online discount prepaid cell phone stores, but you will need to register the SIM card for a Cingular Pay as You Go phone with the AT... Read More »

How to Register your Phone Number on the NoCall List?

If you are receiving unwanted telemarketing calls for goods or services and you don't want these companies to call, you can use a free government service to make them stop. Learn how to register yo... Read More »