How to Register a Cattle Brand in Texas?

Answer The county clerk in each Texas county maintains the cattle brand registries. It costs $5.00 to register a brand for a ten-year period, and once expired, the brand must be renewed for the same fee. ... Read More »

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What do Texas longhorn cattle eat?

Texas longhorns, like all cattle, eat mostly grass. Texas longhorns, however, graze on a wider variety of plants than most other cattle, thereby doing less damage to range land. They also can survi... Read More »

How large are Texas Longhorn cattle?

Texas Longhorn cattle typically weight 900 to 1,100 lbs, though they can weigh as little as 750 lbs and as much as 1,200 lbs. The shoulder height of Texas Longhorn cattle is typically 52 to 54 inch... Read More »

How to Identify Texas Longhorn Cattle?

Here's an in-depth guide of how to identify Texas Longhorn cattle.

Texas Longhorn Cattle Gifts?

When you are shopping for someone who raises Texas longhorn cattle, or who simply likes Texas longhorns, consider choosing a gift that is fitting of that preference. This type of gift also can be a... Read More »