How to Register Your Indian Heritage?

Answer Registering your Indian heritage takes a lot of work. While simply saying you are of Native American decent may be valid for joining a club, program or organization, officially registering your her... Read More »

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How to Track Indian Heritage?

Americans have had a fascination with American Indians since the days they were driven to near extinction. It's not uncommon for an average American to have stories of "Indian blood" in their famil... Read More »

What percentage of American Indian heritage do you have to be to put it on a college application?

You must be approximately 1/16th Native American to list this ethnicity on a college application, but not every tribe uses the same amount to determine membership. The important factor is proving ... Read More »

Indian sweets, where can I buy those colourful tiny Indian sweets you get in the Indian restaurants.?

You should have asked your sister to get some when she went to india.

I want to know the names of Indian Viagra medicine of different Indian medical companies.?

Total 27 brands are available in India. It costs Rs.20 - 24 for 50mg.Here are some brands:CavertaEdegraIntegraPenegraPrograSilagraEnthusiaManforce etc...Almost all medical shops will give these dru... Read More »