How to Register Rare Pokemon in a Pokedex?

Answer The "Pokemon" games include more than 10 roleplaying games on various Nintendo handheld consoles. All are fairly similar, and all include the Pokedex, which logs the various Pokemon you encounter t... Read More »

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What Pokemon is number 114 in the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

Number 114 in the Pokemon Pearl Pokedex is Tangela, a grass-type Pokemon. Its face is hidden by the blue vines that surround it, and it evolves into Tangrowth, Number 465 in the Pokedex.Source:Poke... Read More »

How Do I Finish My Pokedex in "Pokemon Diamond"?

The pokedex is a catalog that keeps track of all the Pokemon you've encountered in the game (whether you've actually caught them or not), and serious Pokemon fans take great pride in being able to ... Read More »

How to Get the National Pokedex in "Pokemon Sapphire"?

"Pokemon Sapphire" was one of two games in the third generation of the Pokemon franchise. The game takes place in the Hoenn region, with a native Pokedex containing 202 Pokemon found in the region.... Read More »

How to Complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

"Pokemon Pearl," for the Nintendo DS, is the fifth installment from the fourth generation. Completing the Sinnoh pokedex gives you access to the national pokedex and 493 Pokemon (from the first Pok... Read More »