How to Register Out of State Divorce Judgment in Illinois?

Answer Divorce judgments entered in one state may be filed and enforced in another state. For Illinois, and other states that have adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, this allows gr... Read More »

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Is Illinois a no-fault divorce state?

Illinois residents can file for a no-fault divorce; however, Illinois is not considered a "pure" no-fault state. Whereas people seeking a no-fault divorce normally are not required to have a waitin... Read More »

Is a divorce decree public record in the state of Illinois?

Divorce decrees are public record in Illinois. To confirm a divorce, you can submit a request with a small fee to the Illinois Department of Public Health. For a copy of the divorce decree, contact... Read More »

How Can I Collect on a Court Judgment in Illinois?

A judgment is a court order to pay a sum of money. Many judgment creditors (the party to whom money is owed) are surprised to learn that judgment debtors (the party ordered to pay money) do not imm... Read More »

How Long Do I Have to Appeal a Divorce Judgment in San Francisco?

If a party is not satisfied with the judgment handed down by a San Fransisco, California trial judge in a divorce proceeding, she may appeal the decision to a higher court for review.