How to Regenerate Fossils on "Pokemon Pearl" for the DS?

Answer In the Pokemon series, fossils are the remains of ancient Pokemon hidden in cave areas. In each version of the game, scientists can bring these fossils back to life, providing you with new addition... Read More »

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Where do you get fossils in Pokemon Pearl?

All of the fossils (Helix, Dome, Root, Claw, Skull and Shield) can be found in the Sinnoh Underground after you have defeated the Elite 4 and obtain the National Pokedex. Take your fossil to the Ro... Read More »

How to Evolve Certain Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?

Are you tired of trying to find that Magnezone you have been hearing about? Are you sick and tired of not having an awesome Vespiquen like the Elite Fours'? Do you want an Electivire like your frie... Read More »

How to Find Drifloon on Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl?

Heard of Drifloon but never found where to catch it? It's a special Pokemon that can only be in one place, once per week, so it takes some patience. Read on to find it.

What Pokemon is number 114 in the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

Number 114 in the Pokemon Pearl Pokedex is Tangela, a grass-type Pokemon. Its face is hidden by the blue vines that surround it, and it evolves into Tangrowth, Number 465 in the Pokedex.Source:Poke... Read More »