How to Refurbish an 18V Dewalt Battery?

Answer An 18-volt Dewalt battery is made up of 12 size C rechargeable battery cells linked in a series. Each of these cells is linked together in a chain of batteries to provide a total of 18 volts of pow... Read More »

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How to Refurbish an SLA Battery?

A SLA battery is the acronym for a sealed lead acid battery. It's identical to a regular lead-acid battery, except you can't top up the cells with distilled water. The batteries are designed to be ... Read More »

How to Revive a Dewalt Battery?

You can revive an 18 V battery by simply replacing a few internal battery cell components. Within the casing of an 18 V battery sits a chain of smaller linked rechargeable batteries. To revive an 1... Read More »

DIY Dewalt Battery Rebuild?

Rebuilding a Dewalt battery is a relatively simple process. Each Dewalt battery pack is made up of a long chain of smaller rechargeable batteries. The rebuilding process consists of testing and rep... Read More »

How to Repair a DeWalt Battery?

Rechargeable Dewalt tool batteries eventually will wear down and no longer hold a charge. The Dewalt battery can be taken apart to repair the battery pack. Each Dewalt battery pack is made up of ... Read More »