How to Refurb Alloys?

Answer The aesthetic appeal of alloy wheels makes them a must-have item for many vehicle owners. Unfortunately, the soft metals used in the manufacture of alloy wheels, including aluminum and magnesium; m... Read More »

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What is a refurb phone?

A refurbished or "refurb" phone is a used mobile phone that has gone through a process of restoration and inspection by the phone's manufacturer for the purpose of resale. The process may require r... Read More »

What can refurb phone does?

Yes, if you update it to iOS 5.1.1, there is an untethered jailbreak out.

How are alloys made?

An alloy, a combination of metallic and non-metallic elements, may occur in nature through the melting of rock. Man-made alloys are created through industrial processes.DefinitionPCMag Encyclopedia... Read More »

Why Are Alloys Used Instead of Pure Metal?

In nature, most metals occur as alloys, as mining deposits typically contain multiple metals. The desired metal must be extracted from other metals and waste materials, after which it is refined, l... Read More »