How to Refresh a Song List on iTunes?

Answer The Genius feature in iTunes 9 and newer scans your iTunes media library and creates a playlist based on artists of a similar genre. If you've recently added new music to iTunes that you want Geniu... Read More »

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How to Refresh a Drop-Down List on a Pivot Table?

Pivot tables let you summarize large spreadsheets in a concise manner. With pivot tables, you can take volumes of data and select which portions of the data you want displayed. Your pivot table l... Read More »

I got the iPhone 3g for Christmas and i went on LimeWire and put ashlee simpsons song boyfriend into the itunes file. but what do i do now to get it from itunes onto my iPod in my phone?

Which is better for your eyes a monitor that supports a 75 hz refresh rate or a 60 hz refresh rate?

For a CRT, I find 75 hz much better, particularly when under florescent lighting. Since the lights run at 120 hz, the monitor can get into a 'synch' with the lights which creates moire patterns on ... Read More »

How to Know if You Should Buy a Song on iTunes?

iTunes can be a complicated thing. With all the song choices and artists available, you may be wary of purchasing songs. There is no need to worry, you can be happily purchasing songs in no time.