How to Refresh Toolbars on Firefox?

Answer The basic Mozilla Firefox browser is upgradable with add-ons. One type of add-on is the toolbar. Toolbars fit snugly at the top of the Firefox window, offering you clickable options. Depending on t... Read More »

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How to Find Hidden Toolbars on Firefox?

The Mozilla Firefox Web browser uses toolbars to hold commonly used controls such as the address bar, forward and back buttons, search box and bookmarks folders. These toolbars can sometimes become... Read More »

How to Customize Firefox Toolbars with Images?

Customizing the toolbars with pictures is very easy, because Firefox is an open software. You can use an image on the internet to do this.

Which is better for your eyes a monitor that supports a 75 hz refresh rate or a 60 hz refresh rate?

For a CRT, I find 75 hz much better, particularly when under florescent lighting. Since the lights run at 120 hz, the monitor can get into a 'synch' with the lights which creates moire patterns on ... Read More »

Help Please!! Where are all my toolbars?

maybe you're in fullscreen mode?press F11