How to Reformat a Dell Computer With Windows XP?

Answer Reformatting your Dell computer with Windows XP allows you to create a new hard drive partition and essentially "start over" on your computer and hard disk. While it will take several minutes to ru... Read More »

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I tried to reformat my computer and I get to a certain point it says reformat from windows,?

Yes you can use the windows vista disc. Go to BIOS and make your CD/DVD drive the first boot. Insert the disc , restart your computer then boot from the disc. In the process you will be prompted to... Read More »

How to Reformat a Computer With Windows XP Professional?

Windows XP Professional's installation program can reformat your computer's hard drive before the operating system is installed. Unlike the reformatting utility within the operating system itself, ... Read More »

How do I reformat my Dell computer?

You may want to format your computer for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are that your hard drive is infected and/or not working properly, you wish to change your operating sys... Read More »

Do you need an XP disc to reformat a Dell computer?

No, you don't need an XP disc to reformat a drive. You can reformat a hard drive using the Format tool in Windows XP to create an MS-DOS startup disc. Then, if you restart the computer with that di... Read More »