How to Refinish a Flexible Bumper?

Answer Refinishing a flexible bumper can be a difficult task depending on the quality of the finished product desired. Flexible bumpers introduce a challenge for paint, because turbulence and movement can... Read More »

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How to Repair With Flexible Bumper Filler?

It is difficult to avoid nicks, scrapes, and scratches on a plastic bumper. A runaway shopping cart, parking too close to another car, or pebbles and rocks on the road can easily damage your bumper... Read More »

Can you run a flexible hose for the refrigerator icewater maker instead of copper tubing And how long can this flexible hose be?

Answer The hose can be as long as needed. The plastic line for ice makers is heavy enough and carries so little pressure that it is not an issue. One of the reasons for copper is to keep mice fr... Read More »

If you're driving a car and you;re backing up and touch someone's bumper with your bumper should i call police?

As a licensed insurance agent in property and casualty, you are only to contact the police if you are in an accident that has more than a 1000.00 worth of damage otherwise you are to exchange infor... Read More »

How to Remove a Plastic Bumper Cover From a Bumper?

The "fascia" of the bumper is the plastic bumper cover that absorbs some of the force during a collision, protecting the frame of the vehicle from taking the hit without any buffer. Because the fas... Read More »