How to Refinish & Paint Fiberglass Boat Hulls?

Answer Fiberglass boats can last a very long time, often up to 15 years. The gelcoat finish can wear off over time, however, and require you to refinish it to keep up its appearance and durability. Once y... Read More »

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Can you paint a fiberglass boat?

You can paint fiberglass boats with high-quality gel coat paint, which is a type of highly pigmented resin paint. Before painting, dewax and sand your boat, and then apply a primer coat. For best r... Read More »

How to Restore Paint on Fiberglass Boat?

Fiberglass boats are very sturdy but do tend to lose their shiny appearance over time because of water and the weather. It happens even faster for boats that are in saltwater. Fiberglass boats also... Read More »

How to Sand a Fiberglass Boat to Paint It?

Whether you sand your fiberglass boat during the preparation for the winter lay up, or during the spring fitting out, sanding a fiberglass boat is a part of preparation for your fiberglass boat's n... Read More »

How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat Deck?

As we get older, we may consider having "some work done" to remove age spots, blemishes or wrinkles. As boats get older, they need help, too. Gouges get filled in, canvas or teak gets replaced, and... Read More »