How to Refinish Flagstones?

Answer Flagstone is natural rock cut into bricks, pavers or irregularly shaped patterns. They are available in many colors ranging from browns to green to grays split from a variety of stone types. Price ... Read More »

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Ground Cover Moss to Grow Between Flagstones?

Paving stones can be an important part of the home garden. Providing access through lawns and gardens, they lead the way with a clean surface and enable sure footing. Called hardscaping for obvious... Read More »

How do I refinish a car?

Cars are usually refinished for two reasons. One, part of the car's paint or surface has been damaged and needs to be repaired. Two, the car's paint itself has become too old and needs to be replac... Read More »

How do i refinish cds?

It happens. Over time, CDs develop scratches from normal use, creating playback issues and increasing stress on players. Although some scratches are permanent, many times minor blemishes can be rem... Read More »

How do i refinish a pew?

Old wooden pews often have finishes that are scuffed, chipped and otherwise damaged. Older finishes may also have a stain color that has darkened or that does not match modern décor. Pews do not h... Read More »