How to Refile Prior Year Tax Returns?

Answer While all taxpayers should strive to file their tax returns on time and accurately, there are times when additional income and deduction information is received after the tax return has already bee... Read More »

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How long do you have to refile federal income tax returns?

Refiling a tax return requires the use of a Form 1040X. In order to receive a refund based on an amended return, the IRS has instilled a limit of three years for the payment of refunds. If the amen... Read More »

Is it possible to obtain copies of prior tax returns from the IRS?

To get an exact copy of old tax records, a taxpayer must use Form 4506. This form will request a copy of the tax return. There is a $57 charge per tax return copy. A tax transcript is available for... Read More »

How do i amend a prior year's taxes?

AmendDownload and complete Internal Revenue Service Form 1040X. Download Form 1040X from the Internal Revenue Service website. Complete Form 1040X, indicating the changes that have occurred, and in... Read More »

How to File Prior-Year Taxes Online?

If you have old taxes due from prior years, you can pay them online at any time. You can also obtain the tax form for the appropriate year or years online. Each tax form is different, so download t... Read More »