How to Reference "The Lancet"?

Answer "The Lancet" is a medical journal that publishes articles both online and in print. As with any other source of information, you must cite "The Lancet" in your reference list if you use it as a sou... Read More »

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Lancet Techniques?

Using a lancing device, anywhere from one to several times a day, soon becomes old hat when you're a diabetic. This small, spring-loaded device contains a tiny, sharp needle, known as the lancet, t... Read More »

How often do you change your lancet?

When it starts to take more than one poke to get the blood flowing... probably about 6-8 weeks.Batty, I have met diabetics that only change them whenever the time changes.

Can you use a diabetes lancet more than once?

No, this is a bad idea , once it has been used, discard ,because bacteria will have formed so you do NOT want this transferred into your body.

What is the highest gauge lancet you can get?

According to Diabetes Cure Strategy, the thinnest lancet on the market as of August 2010 was the 33-gauge BD UltraFine lancet. Following this are the 30-gauge BD UltraFine II lancets and Accu-Chek ... Read More »