How to Reduce the Weight of a Car?

Answer Many car enthusiasts want to reduce the weight of their cars. Reducing weight can increase performance as well as gas mileage. For every 100 lbs., gas mileage is reduced by two percent. A weight re... Read More »

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I am 23 years and my weight is 86kg,i am really fed up of this,so please tell me how to reduce my weight?

Are you sure your weight is extra for your height ? you did not write your height.

How do I reduce my weight ?

Hi , u said you had undergone all tests and there is no medical problem . In that case diet & exercise should help . will give you a plan for that . Have you undergone a blood test called "serum In... Read More »

How to Reduce Weight Without Exercise?

Weight loss occurs when the body expends more calories than it takes in. Exercise is a proven method for weight loss that involves sessions of sustained physical exertion that lead to the body burn... Read More »

How to Reduce the Weight of a Mustang?

Adding horsepower is not the only effective method to make a Mustang faster. When it leaves the factory, a Mustang is like most new cars, which is to say pretty heavy. In addition to adding power t... Read More »