How to Reduce the Impact of a Dropping Egg?

Answer The egg drop experiment is a common assignment used in junior high and high school physics classes. The object of the experiment is to demonstrate the concepts of acceleration, collision and resili... Read More »

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How to Take Simple Actions to Reduce Your Impact on Global Warming?

The world is precious to us. It supplies all our basic needs, from light to water and from water to food it has the lot. However, the world is being targeted by heat and green house gases. Here's h... Read More »

How to Wrap a Knee to Reduce Body Weight Impact When Running?

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How to Choose Between a High Impact and a Low Impact Workout?

Workouts are often categorized as either high-impact or low-impact. This refers mainly to the force that the exercise exerts against your joints, including your spine and connective tissues like li... Read More »

My weight is dropping...?

Your metabolism is always working. If you've been excercising and eating properly you will lose weight. If you eat more in calories than you put out you will gain weight. You burn calories while... Read More »