How to Reduce the Appearance of a Zit Overnight?

Answer It's the easiest way to ruin your day--a zit pops up, just when you need it least. Whether tomorrow is the big meeting, your sister's wedding, your OWN wedding, or just a regular day at the grind,... Read More »

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How can i reduce the appearance or get rid of a hicky?

Find Dr. Emmitt Brown, travel back in time, and spend the time you got the hickey more read a book

How to Reduce Pore Appearance?

Your age, your genetic skin type, and environmental damage all can have an impact on the size of your pores. Large pores trap more oil, dirt and dead skin cells and contribute to an uneven appearan... Read More »

How to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite?

Cellulite is dimples that appear on the skin, usually on the hips and thighs. Many people call cellulite cottage cheese, since it looks like cottage cheese beneath the skin. Cellulite is fat deposi... Read More »

How to Reduce Appearance of Stretch Marks?

An editor has suggested that this article be merged with:"How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks" Per the merge policy, if these topics are determined to be similar but distinct, then the articles will re... Read More »