How to Reduce Your Voltage From 240 to 208?

Answer Use a "step down" transformer to reduce voltage from 240 to 208. Transformers are electromagnetic devices that transfer energy through mutual inductance. Transformers have two inductive windings, a... Read More »

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How to Reduce Alternator Voltage?

Reducing the voltage output of an alternator can save a deep-cycle or automotive battery from becoming overloaded and needing to be replaced. Be sure that you can afford a voltage drop in your syst... Read More »

How do I reduce voltage with resistors?

Voltage Divider CircuitThe easiest way to reduce a voltage is to implement a resistive voltage divider circuit. By connecting two resistors R1 and R2 in series with the voltage source Vs, the volta... Read More »

How do I reduce DC voltage with resistors?

DividerTwo resistors, connected in series, form a divider that can reduce a DC voltage to any desired value. Connect the free end of the first resistor to your positive DC voltage, and the free end... Read More »

How to Reduce Battery Voltage?

Batteries don't come in every size. Some might deliver one and a half volts, some might deliver six and some might even deliver 12 volts, but no batteries are made for, say, five and a half volts, ... Read More »