How to Reduce Warpage When Heating Steel?

Answer Steel is born from the fire of a blast furnace. It doesn't stop there. We stamp it, stretch it, cut and bend it to make whatever we want. When applying heat to steel, we temporarily take some of it... Read More »

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How to Use a Ceiling Fan to Reduce Heating Costs?

Reducing your heating costs doesn't mean that you have to be cold in your home during a harsh winter. Sometimes, you can reduce costs just by incorporating things you already have around your home,... Read More »

How to Use Windbreaks to Reduce Home Heating Expenditures?

For houses in open spaces or rural areas, wind can create a cooling effect on the house. This effect causes a rise in the use of heating fuel, which raises the cost of home heating. Building a wind... Read More »

Will a programmable thermostat reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption?

AnswerYes, programmable thermostats can reduce the energy used for air conditioning or heating by 5 to 30%. Programmable thermostats save money by turning the air conditioner to a higher setting (o... Read More »

Cheap Way to Reduce Noise on Steel Panels?

Steel easily conducts energy, making it prone to noise and vibration. Insulation can help reduce the exterior conductivity of a steel panel, resulting in a deadening of sound. Specific types of ins... Read More »