How to Reduce Static Sonar?

Answer Sonar Studio is audio production software that allows you to record and edit multitrack audio. You can use it for spoken production or for music production. Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks make the... Read More »

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How can I reduce static electricity in my house?

I have the same problem in my house and as butterfly lover said , get a humidifier.Mine runs a majority of he time and I move it around the house. Make sure you get one that is big enough for your ... Read More »

How can I reduce the static electricity on my polyester shirts?

Static gets worse with dry air, and contact with other surfaces.Many jackets have polyester linings (to help them slide on easily). The polyester makes static worse. Consider which jackets you la... Read More »

An invention to reduce the effects of static electricity?

Will an amplified FM antenna reduce FM transmitter static?

In a city environment, an amplified indoor antenna can worsen the signal-to-noise ratio and increase the problems with static. An unamplifed indoor antenna such as a 1/2 wave vertical design increa... Read More »