How to Reduce Puffiness From Crying?

Answer When you cry, your eyes will get swollen and puffy. Even after you have calmed down and stopped crying, that the puffiness is there to remind you of why you were crying. To reduce the puffiness in ... Read More »

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How to Reduce Eye Puffiness After Crying?

Sadness and distress sometimes trigger the flow of tears. As stress relieving as it may be, crying also produces unsightly eyelid swelling. Blood flow increases to the eyes, and excess fluid secret... Read More »

How to Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness?

Puffy bags under your eyes could be a result of genetics, lack of sleep, aging, infection or allergic reaction. If you are worried about under-eye swelling, try these steps to reduce swelling and k... Read More »

How to Reduce Under Eye Puffiness?

You know how it goes, you stay up partying too late on Sunday night. Or maybe you watched Marley or some other sad movie and cried for an hour. Whatever the reason, you just got out of bed and one ... Read More »

Does Eye Cream Reduce Puffiness?

Many people suffer from puffiness under their eyes when they awake, but there are numerous eye creams, gels and serums that contain ingredients that will help reduce that tired look if you use them... Read More »