How to Reduce Nitrate Levels in Saltwater?

Answer It took a lot of work to set up your saltwater aquarium and you want it to thrive so you can enjoy your little slice of oceanic life. That's why you change your tank's water. The most basic care re... Read More »

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High Levels of Ammonia in Saltwater Tanks?

A healthy saltwater tank should have no measurable amount of ammonia. Ammonia is the chemical produced from decaying organic matter such as fish waste and food. Ammonia is highly toxic to fish and ... Read More »

How to Reduce Saltwater Reef Aquarium Maintenance?

Saltwater reef aquariums are pretty and interesting, but also can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Here's how to keep them just pretty and interesting.This article is intended for relativel... Read More »

How to Lower Your Nitrate/Nitrite Levels in Your Fish Tank?

Having a problem with high nitrate levels? Here's how to lower quickly. There are four possible sources from high nitrate levels: infrequent maintenance, overfeeding, crowded tank, or bad water fro... Read More »

Has anyone ever tried to buy potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate from a Canadian pharmasict?

Unless you want a visit from your homeland security team don't ask for these chemicals by name. Any garden shop can sell you fertilizers meant for growing tomatoes.