How to Reduce Eyelid Oil?

Answer Having oily eyelids isn't uncommon, though it can be embarrassing and frustrating. For women with eyelids that tend to be oily it might be difficult to wear eye makeup since it comes off easily or ... Read More »

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I got bit by this mosquito on my eyelid, how to I reduce the swelling?

1. VinegarWhen you first notice the itchy bite, try applying a small amount of vinegar directly to the bump. If you have many bites, you may want to take a very hot bath in a tub filled with water ... Read More »

My eyelid is twitching! Please help!?

I get a twitchy eye when im sleepy or dont sleep fpr long!!! should go away by its self!!

I have a lump under my right eyelid, but what is it?

sounds like a chalazion which is a plugged up sebaceous gland try hot compresses (not too hot-hot enough that u can stand the heat) do it 10 mins at a time about 3-4 times a day--if it doesnt go do... Read More »

Something is stuck under my eyelid, HOW do I get it OUT?

I pull my eyelid down over my bottom lashes