How to Reduce Battery Drain on an Android?

Answer Dealing with battery drain on your Droid can be a serious pain. Sometimes you feel like you might as well just leave it plugged into the wall. But wait, isn't a Droid supposed to be a mobile phone:... Read More »

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How to Reduce Battery Consumption on Your Android Phone?

A small article that gives you some tips on saving or reducing the battery consumption of your Android smartphone.

How to Test the Battery Drain in a Car?

A battery drain refers to any system or device within a car that is draining power out of the car's battery. Although some systems are designed to run off of the car battery, like the cigarette lig... Read More »

Does a car battery drain when it is on concrete?

According to Interstate Batteries, a car battery will not lose electricity any faster on concrete than on any other surface. An unused car battery will slowly discharge no matter where it sitsSour... Read More »

Things That Drain the Car Battery?

Few situations are quite as frustrating as when you hop into your car and turn the ignition key, yet nothing happens because the car battery is drained of its charge. In general, this situation is ... Read More »