How to Reduce Aggression in Children?

Answer Aggression in children is a concern for many parents and teachers. There are many factors that enhance aggression, and in order to control such extreme behavior, you need to find out what those inf... Read More »

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Aggression in Children Caused by Music?

Music has the ability to cause emotional and neurological effects on the human brain. Melodic pulses can calm and pacify us in seconds. Put a classical CD into your car stereo and listen as your in... Read More »

How did Roosevelt's response to German aggression toward Britain differ from his response to Japanese aggression toward China?

No. Grover Cleveland, US President TWICE (non-consecutively[!]) was well-known as a non-interventionist. During his second term in office, he spoke against the annexation of Hawaii. He was also aga... Read More »

How to Reduce Fever for Children?

Low grade fevers are not harmful to children and may boost immunity when allowed to run their course. When a child's body temperature exceeds 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38.9 degrees Celsius) the child... Read More »

How to Reduce Stress in Children?

Stress is how a person reacts physically, emotionally and mentally to difficult or demanding life circumstances. Everyone experiences stress on many levels, and in response to a widely variant arra... Read More »