How to Reduce Acrylic Lacquer?

Answer Acrylic lacquer is a form of automotive paint that can be applied as a primer, color or final clear coat. Acrylic lacquer is susceptible to temperature fluctuations, and therefore requires a uretha... Read More »

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Can I paint acrylic enamel over acrylic lacquer?

Acrylic enamel paint and acrylic lacquer paint aren't meant to be layered one on top of another when painting a car. However, if the vehicle's surface is prepared with the correct primer, you can a... Read More »

How to Paint Acrylic Lacquer?

Automotive acrylic lacquer is a preferred finish for show cars. Painting a car with acrylic lacquer is extremely labor intensive. Properly applied, acrylic lacquer automotive paint requires up to 2... Read More »

How to Polish Acrylic Lacquer?

Acrylic lacquer can be used to paint a car to give it a fresh, new lease on life, or to fix a scratch. Alternatively, a woodworker might finish off a project by coating the surface of the object wi... Read More »

How to Spray Acrylic Lacquer?

Applying acrylic lacquer spray gives a surface a shiny finish while also protecting it from stains and some abrasions. Using spray cans -- readily available in most home improvement and hardware st... Read More »