How to Redirect the Output to a File in Linux?

Answer The Linux operating system includes a powerful command line facility that can also serve as a scripting language for task automation and system troubleshooting. Many Linux command line tools such a... Read More »

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What is the file extension redirect?

File extension redirect is when the computer is either unsure or it has been predetermined by the user which program should open a file based on the file extension (the last three or four letters a... Read More »

If I write a program in c++ can I copy the programs output to a note pad text file?

in the console/command line you can redirect the standard output to a file similar to unix.After you compiled your program, open up a console from windows,click the windows button and start typing ... Read More »

How do I execute a PHP file in Linux?

Open a TerminalPHP is a programming language used primarily in the creation of dynamic Web pages. However, it is also possible to run compatible PHP scripts from the command line in Linux. The firs... Read More »

How to Open a Rar File in Linux?

RAR archive files are typically meant to be used with the Windows operating system. However, the Linux operating system can also understand the format and extract or add files to an archive. Linux ... Read More »