How to Redeem State Citizenship?

Answer Each state in the U.S. provides guidelines for establishing, or redeeming, citizenship. Citizenship is also equated to residency within the state. The guidelines usually require applicants to estab... Read More »

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Does a British citizen lose his citizenship if he acquires citizenship of the United States?

A British citizen will not have his citizenship taken away if he acquires citizenship in the United States. Britain is one of many countries that allows and recognizes dual citizenship.References:U... Read More »

How Do I Redeem H Bonds?

A Series H Bond represents a contract between the U.S. Treasury and anyone named on the bond as a registered owner. Only the person named on the bond as owner, co-owner, or otherwise authorized to ... Read More »

How to Redeem Codes for AQW?

Adventure Quest World is a massive multiplayer role-playing game that involves exploring a new world, fighting, quests and adventures. Players often purchase merchandise outside of the virtual cont... Read More »

How to Redeem Bonds?

U.S. savings bonds are savings certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury and registered to an individual owner or co-owners. Savings bonds earn interest, which is credited to the value of a bond, an... Read More »