How to Redeem Bonds?

Answer U.S. savings bonds are savings certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury and registered to an individual owner or co-owners. Savings bonds earn interest, which is credited to the value of a bond, an... Read More »

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How Do I Redeem H Bonds?

A Series H Bond represents a contract between the U.S. Treasury and anyone named on the bond as a registered owner. Only the person named on the bond as owner, co-owner, or otherwise authorized to ... Read More »

How to Redeem Savings Bonds?

If you have ever received savings bonds as gifts or purchased them yourself as a low-risk savings vehicle, you may be wondering about your options for redeeming them. There are several factors to k... Read More »

Are i series savings bonds a better investment than ee bonds?

On One Hand: High InflationDuring times of inflation, I series bonds provide more inflation protection and a higher return than EE Bonds. EE bonds earn a fixed rate over the course of 20 years, whi... Read More »

Are high-yield bonds better than regular bonds?

On One Hand: Higher Risk.High-yield bonds are bonds that have been rated BB or lower, and they are often referred to as speculative or junk bonds. Regular bonds, called investment-grade bonds, have... Read More »