How to Recycle PCB Ballast?

Answer Some lamp ballasts contain a small amount of polychlorinated biphenyls, also known as PCBs. It is legal for a certain amount of this material to be contained in a non-leaking container, but you mus... Read More »

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Ok, so i wanted to uninstall a program. so i deleted it into my recycle bin, then i emptied the recycle bin.?

No, you have to go to control panel and go to add and remove programs, that will fully uninstall any program that they list.

Can a USER customized the Time that a FILE can spend inside the RECYCLE BIN (Windows Recycle Bin)?

You did not state which version of the Windows operating system. But there really is no way to set a time limit with the typical Windows environment. You will need to find a Third-Party applicati... Read More »

How to Install an HID Ballast?

HID headlights have many advantages over the more traditional incandescent headlights found on many cars. HID lights, which can be recognized by their distinctive blue hue, are more efficient, long... Read More »

How to Test an HID Ballast?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are a popular choice for car headlights. These bulbs produce a bright light that is perfect for nighttime vision. HID bulbs are connected to ballasts that cont... Read More »