How to Recycle Metals in Marlboro, MA?

Answer Marlborough, Mass. offers an extensive recycling program. According the City of Marlborough website, curbside pickup is available to "three-family homes and smaller, and condominiums" and the the r... Read More »

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How to Recycle Metals?

Recycling metal items from your household waste is an excellent way to save energy and help reduce the waste piles. This article provides an overview of which metals you can recycle and the forms t... Read More »

What do you call a pack of 25 cigarettes and is marlboro and marlboro red cigarettes the same thing?

King size is the length. 25 cigarettes is just a promotional bonus pack not a normal one. If someone only says "marlboro" they usually mean the reds, it's generally assumed until recent years whe... Read More »

Science on the Similarities of Elements in Metals & Non-Metals?

Of the 100 or so known chemical elements, most are metals, such as cesium, iron and copper. A few elements, such as silicon, boron and tin, occupy a thin strip of territory on the periodic table ca... Read More »

Can a USER customized the Time that a FILE can spend inside the RECYCLE BIN (Windows Recycle Bin)?

You did not state which version of the Windows operating system. But there really is no way to set a time limit with the typical Windows environment. You will need to find a Third-Party applicati... Read More »