How to Recycle Ballasts?

Answer A ballast is a small electrical device, sometimes referred to as a control gear, that controls the current going through a circuit. Some are quite small and fit above light bulbs and other small el... Read More »

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How to Mount HID Ballasts?

High-intensity discharge lamps (HID) provide significantly more light than incandescent bulbs in automotive applications. One drawback to these systems is that they require the use of ballasts, whi... Read More »

How Do HID Ballasts Work?

An electrical ballast refers to a device designed to limit the amount of current sent through an electrical circuit. High intensity discharge (HID) ballasts regulate the functions of the HID bulb.

Do electronic ballasts need a ground connection?

An electronic ballast is a device that maintains the electric current in a circuit at a constant value. Grounding ballast cases and fixtures is important in preventing electrocution, according to f... Read More »

How to Add Rim Guard Ballasts to Tractor Tires?

Rim Guard brand liquid ballast is noncorrosive, 30 percent heavier than water, nontoxic, biodegradable and protects from freezing down to 35 degrees below zero F. According to the tractor informati... Read More »