How to Recover an Online Game Account That's Been Hacked?

Answer Unfortunately there is no way in to how to recover your account, But you could appeal to the the administrators of the game. With sufficient evidence you should be able to retrieve your account.But... Read More »

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How to Avoid Getting Hacked on an Online Game?

Getting hacked on online games is always frustrating and annoying. The hacker often makes you lose your things and say mean things to your friends over your own account. Here are some tips to make ... Read More »

How do recover a game center account?

No. Apple's iPad is not a 'You Pad'. A You Pad is apparently a Chinese knock-off tablet.

How to recover when my computer has been hacked?

Step #1. Restart, and before the computer logo comes on( dell, hp, or whatever ur computer is) PRESS F 8 A COUPLE OF TIMES-- a black screen with white lettering will appear. with ur u and down arro... Read More »

My steam was hacked, how to recover?

Contact Steam Support immedeatly. Once they verify your identify then can give you your account back. Dominic