How to Recover a Truck Seat?

Answer A truck is designed to haul and perform as a rugged vehicle unlike smaller more delicate machines like sedans and sports cars. Having a good interior is a great way to utilize your truck to the hig... Read More »

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Who is required to wear a seat while riding in the front seat of a car or a pickup truck?

No-one is required to wear a seat, you are required to SIT in the seat, and wear a seat BELT.

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a truck that does not have a cab in Texas?

Yes. It is legal to place a child safety seat in the front seat of a truck in Texas. Although the Texas Department of Public Safety recommends that children be placed in the back seat of any vehicl... Read More »

How old does a child have to be to ride in the front seat of a truck when there is a back seat in pennslyvania?

A drained swimming pool will be more dangerous to anyone who could fall into the pit. The pool will need fencing around it that is sturdy and anti-tamper proof. What are your plans for rain water w... Read More »

How to Recover Car Seat Upholstery?

The upholstery on car seats protects the seats and offers a comfortable surface for the passengers to sit on. Due to constant use and wear, car seat upholstery will eventually need to be replaced o... Read More »