How to Recover a Truck Seat?

Answer A truck is designed to haul and perform as a rugged vehicle unlike smaller more delicate machines like sedans and sports cars. Having a good interior is a great way to utilize your truck to the hig... Read More »

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Who is required to wear a seat while riding in the front seat of a car or a pickup truck?

No-one is required to wear a seat, you are required to SIT in the seat, and wear a seat BELT.

How old does a child have to be to ride in the front seat of a truck when there is a back seat in pennslyvania?

A drained swimming pool will be more dangerous to anyone who could fall into the pit. The pool will need fencing around it that is sturdy and anti-tamper proof. What are your plans for rain water w... Read More »

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a truck that does not have a cab in Texas?

Yes. It is legal to place a child safety seat in the front seat of a truck in Texas. Although the Texas Department of Public Safety recommends that children be placed in the back seat of any vehicl... Read More »

How to Recover a Toyota Car Seat?

If you have a Toyota that is in sound mechanical condition but the interior is wearing, particularly around the seats, you can recover them yourself. Toyotas are famous for their ability to take hu... Read More »