How to Recover a Latitude E6400?

Answer If the operating system on your Dell Latitude E6400 laptop computer becomes corrupted or unusable, you may find it necessary to restore the computer back to factory settings. For many computers, th... Read More »

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How to Upgrade an E6400's Memory?

If your Dell Latitude E6400 is responding slowly or running out of available system memory, a memory upgrade may be in order. You do not need a computer technician or a service center to upgrade th... Read More »

How to Use an HD Port on a Dell E6400?

The Dell E6400 is part of the company's Latitude line of business laptops. The computer comes with a 160-gigabyte hard drive, and 2 GB of random access memory. Original models were installed with t... Read More »

How to Install a 365 Bluetooth Adapter in a Dell E6400?

If you don't have a Bluetooth receiver installed on your Dell E6400 laptop computer system, you can install a 365 Bluetooth adapter instead. This adapter gives you the ability to access Bluetooth a... Read More »

Will the pictures I recover from my corrupted CF card still appear when I recover them for the second time?

It depends on the usage of the card. If it is used a lot and also formatted 2 or more times after the first recovery then it is not possible to get that photos back