How to Recover Master File Tables?

Answer The master file table is as important as its name implies, and if it goes awry your user-created data may become corrupt. When PC users create, edit and save a file to the hard drive, a record is k... Read More »

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How to Master Excel 2007 Pivot Tables?

One of the most powerful ways to summarize and organize Excel 2007 data is through pivot tables. Master Excel 2007 pivot tables and you’ll be able to provide an immediate summary of hundreds or e... Read More »

How to Recover a Tax File?

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service keeps records of your past tax returns, and you are entitled to free transcripts of them if you need them. If you did not keep a copy of your tax file when you fil... Read More »

How to Recover a BAK File?

Many software programs allow you to change preferences and settings to make the application easier for you to use or more to your liking. Well-designed applications even provide you with a way to r... Read More »

How do I recover a file in the trash on OS X 10.5.6?

Access the Trash FolderClick the icon in your computer's dock that looks like a trash can. This opens the trash folder.Restore the FileClick on the file you want to recover. Hold down the mouse but... Read More »